Pentecost 11 (Proper 13/Ordinary 18): Year B

2 Samuel 11:26 - 12:15 Today’s reading from Second Samuel is concerned with two key concepts: compartmentalisation and consequence. Following on from last week’s reading, in which David abuses his power to both commit adultery with Bathsheba and organise the killing of her husband Uriah (having failed to manipulate Uriah into sleeping with his wife … Continue reading Pentecost 11 (Proper 13/Ordinary 18): Year B

Pentecost 5 (Proper 7/Ordinary 12): Year B

1 Samuel 17:32-49 The single combat between David and the Philistine giant Goliath has become proverbial for the “little guy” winning against a far better resourced and equipped opponent – in other words, against the kind of opposition who, under normal circumstances, would be expected to triumph. This is only reinforced by the way David … Continue reading Pentecost 5 (Proper 7/Ordinary 12): Year B

Ergasia Podcast: Episode 15

Episode 15 of my podcast Ergasia is now available for downloading. In The Dream Betrayed, Part III: Theological Perspectives for Addressing Class Realities, we review American Lutheran scholar Karen L Bloomquist's discussion of theological projects that attempt to respond to the realities of class and class-based injustice. To listen to the podcast, go to the media … Continue reading Ergasia Podcast: Episode 15